Amy Herr

Lester John and Lynne Dewar Lloyd Distinguished Professor Department of Bioengineering
University of California, Berkeley
Faculty Scientist, Physical Biosciences Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

A major focus of our lab is engineering innovation for analysis of complex biological systems -- as is required to address questions important to both fundamental biological systems and applied clinical research. We employ a combination of approaches drawn from chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering with strong foundations in biology, materials science, and analytical chemistry. In essence, we strive to advance the "mathematization" of biology & medicine. Our research includes design and development of instrumentation that exploits scale-dependent physics and chemistry. In collaboration with Stem Cell Center researchers, we are developing new analytical tools capable of deciphering protein-mediated signals relevant to regenerative potential and tailoring of cellular microenvironments to probe how cells sense, process, and respond to environmental cues.