Steve Connolly

Bioengineering, and Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Conolly is a Full Professor of Bioengineering and EECS at UC Berkeley, where he holds the Montford G. Cook Endowed Chair. He was elected Chair of the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Graduate Group in BioE from 2006-2009. He currently serves as Vice Chair of Instruction in BioE and Head Graduate Advisor at UC Berkeley. 

Dr. Conolly specializes in medical imaging and biosensing hardware, with an emphasis on Magnetic Particle Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. His research group has built all seven of the Magnetic Particle Imaging scanners now in the USA. Applications include safe angiography for chronic kidney disease patients and safe, noninvasive cancer imaging. He has research support from CIRM, NIH and UC Discovery, the Siebel Foundation and the Keck Foundation. His research on stem cells is dedicated to developing advanced imaging methods, like Magnetic Particle Imaging, to provide quantitative images of stem cells anywhere inside a small animal. 

He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Dr. Conolly has 30 patents in various stages of approval, and more than half of these have been licensed by industry. He was a 2004 recipient of Stanford's Outstanding Inventor award.