Berkeley Stem Cell Center

Stem Cell Seminars (Social Science and Humanitites)
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Stem Cell Seminars (Science)

Berkeley Stem Cell Center Roundtable

  • 2014 Stem Cell Center Director's Seminar
    Dr. David Scadden
    Harvard University
    "Stem Cell Niche in Homeostasis and Cancer”
    Thursday March 6, 2014
    4:00 PM, 100 Genetics and Plant Biology Building


Stem Cell Journal Club (Students and Postdocs)
Location: 421 Stanley Hall


Berkeley Stem Cell Center Retreat
May 4-5, 2014 at the Asilomar Conference Grounds. Please contact Lily Mirels.

Special Events of Interest
  • International Conference on Stem Cell Engineering
    Society for Biological Engineering
    San Diego, CA
    March 16-19, 2014
  • Keystone Symposium: Stem Cells and Reprogramming
    Olympic Valley, CA
    April 6-11, 2014
  • International Society for Stem Cell Research
    12th Annual Meeting Vancouver, Canada
    June 18-21, 2014
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    Stem Cell Engineering and Cell-Based Therapies
    Cold Spring Harbor, NY
    November 19-22, 2014